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As the only one without history in the city, Caroline goes alone. She finds a full-out war between vampires and witches. Two people get together to dance, aparently they hate each other. However, after Bonnie's death and Klaus' life in New Orleans, things aren't quite as simple as they once seemed through the receiver.

A wrinkle forms when he hears news of Caroline, and is told that she's been working for his enemies.

The initial premise of the films will be the same but everything else (characters, scenarios and scenes) will be different and my own Klaroline interpretation.

The opening quotes (in italics) are from the movies, titles are songs from the soundtrack. Two years after losing her mother and Elena, Bonnie and Caroline only have each other. Bamon plus a Stefonnie friendship (Adult Themes) (Adult Situations)The Originals but with Caroline in Hayley's place.

Klaus is the guy that everyone wants to know with his dashing looks and charisma.

Caroline is the sweetheart of Michigan State and she happens to be harboring a crush on the football player and when he asks her out, she accepts without much thought.

Damon may have promised Stefan a magic-free life, but after Bonnie Bennett rolls into town, he's not so sure he can keep it for much longer. as a distraction for the Bennett witch and the Salvatore brothers as she prepares for the arrival of the Originals in Mystic Falls."Maybe in time you'll love me just as much." After a deep betrayal, Klaus has come to grips that he can never win Caroline over. So he goes back in time to change history and win her love without the hassles of the Salvatore brothers to keep him at bay.When Caroline travels on Spring Break alone, she gets swept up in a fierce tempest and stuck for dead on a mysterious island with magical properties. Plotting witches, scheming vampires and a pregnant werewolf.As Bonnie's magic proves unable to locate her, it's up to Klaus Mikaelson to bring Caroline home. Sweet little Bonnie Bennett is secretly in love with her friends older brother, Bad Boy Damon Salvatore. Klaus has enough on his plate and yet more is being added.Day 2.) Chap 36: Simple Pleasure (25Daysof Klaroline Day 4) Chap 37: Life's Better With Pie (25Daysof Klaroline Day 6)AU/AH: When a New York sex columnist conducts research for an article about anonymous sex, she has no idea where it will lead to.She certainly hadn't counted on the likes of deviant billionaire playboy, Kol Mikaelson.

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