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Jack ended his career as a Major and received an MBE for his services to the Empire, I greatly admired the man.

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I found my Bowie manuscript (of his book, Captive Surgeon in Hong Kong – I bought it on the interweb before so many people became interested and prices started going up) easily enough, but MSM Eric Sims' eleven-page account of the RE at Bowen Road Hospital (which came with it) is no longer there.

I suppose when I retire I will have time to catalogue it all properly but for the moment it’s a bit of a liability.

Still, over the holidays I decided to at least get started.

John (Jack) Edwin Carvell (RAMC, BRH) was captured on HK.

He and another engineer were hiding out and continuing their war against the Japanese, after the formal surrender, when a local told the Japanese their location. I used to stay with him on Shaftesbury Ave in the 70's and was hugely affected by his wartime experience and the effect it had on him.

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