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“Thanks from the team at Ayden for voting for us,” says Mac Kay. They make as much as they can in house, so I don’t think it’s wrong to call it a casual gastro pub. So you can count on impressing someone on a first date without having to drop 0.

When you’re ready to take things to the next romantic level, and you think you both might be comfortable with public displays of slurping, you should definitely get the mussels marinara () to share. 306-652-4912 Silver Congress Beer House Bronze Bon Temps Café Runners-up Somewhere Else Pub & Grill, Bartari Videogame Restaurant & Bar It’s not a shocker that Amigos picked up this coveted title.

And I will talk about the conveniently flattering lighting design in this place to anyone who will listen. Like some of the other finalists, it does double duty as a bar where live music and boozy parties pop off nightly. And don’t forget, Amigos has a private backroom that they rent at no charge, giving smaller groups a place to hold a meeting or Christmas party.

It’s also a neighbourly, come-as-you-are place where the beer flows and the nachos fall like rain (well, not literally, but they are great). And, as I mentioned, when night falls and the wee ones are home in bed, the real party starts.

Once inside, Drift more than lives up to the hype with its coffee, crepes, soups and sandwiches (-13).

They go through 8-10 pounds of beans per day, says co-founder Amy Holowach. 306-954-1088 Silver Amigos Cantina Bronze Yard & Flagon Runners-up Congress Beer House, Bon Temps Cafe The best dates aren’t always the ones where you dress to the nines and flash around a heady amount of cash.

In addition to gas pumps and mechanics’ bays, the Gulf had a sit-down restaurant.

This is another innovation from Pizza 73 that simplifies the complete order process for our valued customers. Come on board and be a part of the Pizza ordering revolution with the following features:• View our current specials • Select your last order• Customize your pizza & wings to your liking• Specify order type (delivery or pick-up)Other Features Include:• Browse through the extensive menu with a flick of a finger• Ability to view the total in the cart summary throughout your order selection• Search for restaurants located near you with the intuitive map application.Restaurant operating hours and a quick call number also available• App only specials• Variety of payment options (to pay at the door)• The i Phone app is synced with your online web profile. By clicking “Subscribe” you consent to receive emails from Retail Me Not, Inc. Your consent is sought by Retail Me Not, Inc., 301 Congress Ave., Ste 700, Austin TX 78701 U. A report in Foodservice and Hospitality ranked Pizza 73 at number one in the Canadian pizza industry. Its menu includes 16 different speciality pizzas, 20 distinct toppings, three crust styles, three types of sauces and six flavors of wings. Retail Me Privacy Policy Pizza 73 offers high quality pizzas at low costs.

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