One piece chapter 764 online dating

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However, by the end of the episode, Melinda crosses the ghost over when his son believes Melinda.

It is implied that Melinda consults Andrea a lot about her ghost problems, as Andrea is her best friend, and Andrea already knows about her ability to see the deceased.

However, she still supports Melinda and helps her solve the hauntings she comes across.

In Season 5, Melinda and Jim have a son, who they name Aiden Lucas, after Jim's father and Sam Lucas.

Later, the father, Hank, visits Melinda and tells her to stay away, calling her a fraud, and Andrea backs Melinda up when she needs her to.

Melinda also fell pregnant during the early Season Four with Jim, but suffered a miscarriage because her body could not support the baby.

She was called a "freak" because of her upsetting behavior.

Melinda and Jim moved to the small town of Grandview where Melinda opens a small antique shop called "The Same As It Never Was" Antiques.

Melinda helps stop Hank from killing the man who sold them the faulty car with Kenny's help, and later she crosses Kenny over.

Melinda also has to tell Faith that she isn't pregnant, and that she just had to deal with a mother who lost her son, to which Faith could relate.

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