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Combined with Warn’s academic savvy and keen finger on the pulse of lesbian pop culture, After Ellen quickly became a cult classic amongst other web-savvy lesbians (many Team Autostraddlers included) (Riese & Carlytron are web-nerds forevs) and, when lesbians got their very own TV show in 2004, ‘s growing popularity coincided with the advent of wireless, high-speed internet (especially important for people who have to hide their web-browsing from others), the You Tube boom (providing easy access to streaming video content) and the height of blogging’s popularity.

When a doctor called to tell her what had happened, she cursed him and the males in her family, slammed down the telephone receiver, ripped open a can of beer, fussed with God, pleaded for B.

To my surprise, it turned into a full-time job, and then snowballed into the wonderful, messy, often inspiring, sometimes exasperating community of readers, writers, bloggers, and vloggers that it is today.

But after seven and half years and 1,000 articles and blog posts, I’m just plain burned out.

Warn became an Executive Producer at Logo and was named one of “10 Amazing Gay Women in Showbiz” by Power Up that same year.

In her letter to readers regarding the acquisition of After Ellen by Logo in 2006, Warn said, “This is a great fit for us, because the folks at Logo are just as committed to LGBT entertainment as we are, and their expertise in television and authentic content creation and programming is an excellent complement to our online experience.” Often clocking in at nearly 30 minutes each, vlogs became a major element of After Ellen as it attracted new, diverse audiences hungry for multimedia and pretty lesbian faces (including Celesbian Supastar Jill Bennett, who later took her show to She Wired).

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