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Readers of my recent mythbusting work (e.and here) will know that I have developed a research technique called internet dating (so called because it’s remotely like carbon dating the veracity or the published origins of words and phrases).Internet dating as a research technique relies upon efficiently and systematically sifting and synthesizing knowledge inside books, journals, newspapers and other documents scanned by Google.Instead, it is etymologically related to Barney Google’s previously earliest known published namesake who is a monster that lives at the bottom of a garden pond in an illustrated 1913 children’s book.

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To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.In its first chapter, Hildebrand reveals that he also wrote and self published an earlier book, in 1901, entitled The Conglomerate de Omniferia; Or, The Meditations of a Hobo under the pseudonym Aristotle Flavius Hillogrates.It’s something of a duel-mystery why only a single copy of each book appears to be in existence and why they have survived at all.There are several ways to discover if you are a perfect match using our love compatibility tests.Use our online dating tips on how to meet compatible singles, and guide to successful relationships.

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