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In fact tell me all about how you came to relish the idea of sitting on my knee with a freshly spanked and paddled bottom being forced to confess how you wish to be abused, and then punished again for enjoying that particular perversity.

I want to read about the full range of your experience, and then I'll change the name, turn it into a story and post it in the library so you can read about yourself...

Miriam was ordered to stand, take off her blazer, skirt and knickers and then straddle the arm of a leather wing chair.

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So if you were Miriam sitting on my lap with glowing hot pink, red swollen bum cheeks, and holding those nasty anal beads in one hand while diddling your wet pussy with the other, tell me what kind of depraved humiliation you'd like to endure next.

Miriam stammered and stumbled through her fantasy while his voice kept her from straying: ...

In addition to smears of lubricant and cum, he found a butt plug with a pager attached to its base between the naughty schoolgirls restroom.

She liked the tone and attention to detail and the uncanny fact that she was sitting at her kitchen counter with her butt hanging off the edge of a stool naked except for a tank top and white cotton socks and her hair was still damp from the shower.

For a brief moment she considered the possibility that this email response might be from some neighbor who was peeping into her window, but with the blinds drawn that was just silly.

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