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I had no concept of self and was truly mind fucked.I would never take this experience back and i believe it led me to embracing the Dharma.Yeah I think DOB i pretty significant with the vasoconstriction, it felt that way the time I took it. One nice thing about DOPr I noticed is that there was no feeling of vasoconstriction, at least at the dose I took (2.55mg).

it did not have any effect for 4 full hours, and lasted less than 24 hours, closer to around 18 or 20 hours.

Quantitative analysis yielded concentrations in serum of 13 ng/ml (AX) and 19 ng/ml (BX).

This report on both nonfatal and fatal DOB overdose cases is based on clear toxicological evidence, and is the first documentation of DOB consumption in the Czech Republic.

Wow, I can't believe I never expanded on my DOB experience!

It's a shame as its been nearly 6 years with over 100 trips in between.

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