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Hong Kong has continued to prosper in difficult economic conditions. It has made an important contribution to China’s reform and opening up.

The Chinese government’s policy towards Hong Kong and Macao is consistent and clear-cut.

I have visited families where none of the family members have a job.

We need appropriate GDP growth to safeguard employment. We are not just looking for GDP growth that can benefit the people and contribute to environmental protection.

We are upgrading our industries and making them more competitive. We are currently carrying out Europe-China investment negotiations to create the conditions to increase mutual investment.

The lack of information about the development of small-and-medium-sized enterprises makes me uneasy.

We have three major tasks: 1) meet basic needs, 2) provide a safety net, and 3) increase social equality. We are increasing educational equality and giving more people in poor areas access to high-quality education.

We want to improve the safety net covering areas including education, housing and medical care. This year we will increase the standard for old-age security, bring it in line with the market, and unify the medical and old age insurance systems in urban and rural areas. We will improve education in rural areas, and make sure that everybody has an equal chance to develop themselves.

We don’t know if the problems impeding the development of MSEs can be improved or solved. We will hold businesses that do not take responsibility accountable. We will take diverse measures according to the situations in different cities.The Ministry of Agriculture should think about why the people choose to believe journalist Cui Yongyuan’s theory on genetically modified foods rather than those of the agricultural experts.The ministry’s response to Cui’s questioning on GM foods and the media’s coverage on the issue in the two sessions is what I care about most.In a word, I hope the deputies in the two sessions will reflect the real conditions of the current education system and support the expansion of the ongoing reform of exam-centered schooling.Last year President Xi met President Obama in the United States and reached a consensus on building non-conflictual and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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