Application screenupdating not working in excel 2016

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The file will work in Excel 2007 or Excel 2010, if you enable macros. On the Sample Excel Files page, in the Pivot Tables section, look for PT0025 – Change All Page Fields with Multiple Selection Settings.I implemented the same concept in the Drop Down boxes approach. For those of you who prefer to not download files containing macros, the only macro used is available as a file and the workbook is available as an file, i.e. Return To Top___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the process creating a somewhat complicated Excel VBA workbook I found I needed a code that would give me a procedure flow chart, i.e. With alot of help from a couple of sites (URLs are in the code itself), I put together the following code (global declarations and code module). From then on as you develop your code further, you can run this code to keep straight who's calling whom.Note that the code does not handle user-defined classes as I do not use them. If you want to see it work, download my test file with lots of code and modules in it.If any other pivot tables in the workbook have an “Items” filter, the “Select Multiple Items” setting for those fields will also change. The multiple pivot table filtering works with event programming.

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Return To Top The end of the above project is to take the list of calls and turn them into a mind map.

The code loops through all the worksheets in the file, and through each pivot table on each sheet.

Private Sub Worksheet_Pivot Table Update(By Val Target As Pivot Table) Dim ws Main As Worksheet Dim ws As Worksheet Dim pt Main As Pivot Table Dim pt As Pivot Table Dim pf Main As Pivot Field Dim pf As Pivot Field Dim pi As Pivot Item Dim b MI As Boolean On Error Resume Next Set ws Main = Active Sheet Set pt Main = Target Application. Screen Updating = False For Each pf Main In pt Main. Enable Multiple Page Items For Each ws In This Workbook.

However, due to my cross-platform constraint, I could not use her method as presented.

Instead of using Active X controls, which are not implemented on the Mac, I used the Form Control Combo Boxes, usable on both platforms.

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