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Background: Heterosexism is defined as an assumption that heterosexuality is the only legitimate type of sexuality, was introduced by Herek (1996) to conceptualize discrimination against lesbian and gay men.There is a rising concern within the social work profession to address the discrimination experienced by Tongzhi or sexual minority (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and questioning/queer-LGBQ) youth in Hong Kong, where public and professional attitudes are still negative and also where discrimination based on sexual orientation has not been prohibited by law.Development of Delinquent Behavior in Early Adolescents in Hong Kong Ch 8.

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Positive Youth Development in Junior Secondary School Students: Do Gender and Time Matter? Parental Behavioral Control, Parental Psychological Control and Parent-Child Relational Qualities: Relationships to Chinese Adolescent Risk Behavior Ch 5.

Sexual minority youth are perceived as receiving the highest rate of discrimination in a Government run survey.

The Issue and the Research Gap: Although studies show that sexual minority youth experience high rates of emotional and school difficulties due to social discriminations, service use among them is unreasonably low.

Issues and research gap: Scholars in sexuality and gender studies in Hong Kong suggest that mental health professionals, including social workers have loud "voices for social conservatism" on gender and sexuality issues.

It is important to enhance social workers' competence to work with people from transgender communities through specific learning strategies.

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