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Indeed such was the reputation they had accquired for their patriot- ism abroad, that when it was determined that a detachment of troops from General Washington's army should be sent to the south, under the command of the Marquis de la Fayette, congress confided in the merchants of Baltimore, supplying them with such flour as they might want, in case ot need, passing through Baltimore, which was on their way, Mr. Armistead, Park st Armstrong Andrew, grocer & commission merchant. Pickering, at that time quartermaster general, and Mr. It derives its name from Lord Baltimore, who settled Maryland in 1035, under a grant from Charles I, (Maryland itself was called after the consort of the same king,) so that if any thing is to be gained from kin to royalty, both city and state can come in for a full share; but in these republican times, we are inclined to boast more of the doings of our ancestors, who strove against the oppressions of the power in England, than the derivation of our name.

They were among the first to suggest the measures whi-ch were neces^a^y to be aj^opied to meet the crisis; they were never backward with their means, in giving effi- cacy to these measures; and the march of armies, and equipment bl vessels of war, were accelerated by their unceasing exertions.

We forbear referring to statistics on these two points, least we might be accused of boasting or vanity.

The undulating surface of the land selected for our city, affords much room for romantic and classical building, s-o that we have- much to encourage the taste and comfort of those whose resources will permit them to embark in either private or public improvement. dw Zi Courtlaad Baley & Keys, grocers & commission mt.

There was but little money at that time in the Stale treasury, and the supply which was furnish- ed by the patriotic gentlemen of Baltimore, is thus acknowledged in a letter from Thomas Sim Lee, Esq., Governor of Maryland, ad- dressed to Robert Purviance, Matthew Ridley and William Patter- son, Esqrs.: ' We very much applaud the zeal and activity of the gentlemen of Baltimore, and think their readiness to assist the Ex- ecutive at a time when they were destitute of the means of providing those things, which were immediately necessary for the detachment, under the command of the Marquis de la Fayette, justly entitle them to the thanks of the public.'"* On the return of the Marquis de la Fayette from this successful enterprise he again passed through this ciiy.

Soon after the surrender of Cornwallis, the Marquis de la Fayette came to Baltimore, and was received in tbe warmest manner by the citizens. In referring to the part he took in the campaign of Virginia, they .say: *' In particular, we cannot sufficiently acknowledge our sense of your late campaign in Virginia, where, with a few regulars and militia, you opposed the British commander, from whose large arn^y fnd military talents, this state had such serious cause of apprehension." In reply to this part of their address, the Marquis observed : "My campaign be- gan with a personal obligation to the inhabitants of Baltimore; at the end of it, I find myself bound to them by a new tie of everlast- ing gratitude." The persons who figured so largely in early times are mostly passed away, their places are being supplied by the busy hum of men, ♦Pee "K Narrative of Evpnts which occurred in Baliimorp Town durincthe Revo- lutionary War," &c., an intsrwling volume, just from the press, by Hubert Pnit,^ vi ANOBj Esq, of Baltimore. tiew scenes arise, more peaceful and desirable, the result, in a great measure of the devoted efforts of the noble spirits who struggled side by side to accomplish these hoped for and blessed results^ let us say in passing from this review, that they will not soon be forgotton, by their children or the participants with them of these great results — nor show ourselves behind any that have gone before in devotion to the noble cause of freedom and prosperity.

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